Social Work Continuing Education

Social Work continuing education requirements vary on a state and national level.  The number of Social Worker CEU units allowed to be obtained from an online CEUs provider varies from state to state.  It is important to know your state board requirements and how many CE units are allowed to be obtained from CE providers like Vista Continuing Education.

NASW Continuing Education

We provide NASW continuing education courses to social workers. The national association of Social Workers approves individual courses that can be offered to Social Wokers on a state and national level. NASW is a national organization that approves CEUs providers. Continuing education requirements vary on a state and national level. 


Our NASW CEU courses meet state and national continuing education requirements. First we offer national association of social workers continuing education units online. We offer many courses including NASW approved Ethics in Social Work, Law and Ethics, Clinical Supervision, Models of Supervision, Ethics in Supervision, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Aging, Hiv and more. We have been licensed to provide continuing education or CEUs by the National Association of Social Workers since 2003.

NASW Continuing Education

Social Work CEUs

We offer Social Work CEUs courses that are approved by the national association of social workers. Continuing Education for social workers is necessary because most states require social workers to complete required CEUs course work. Most states allow the continuing education courses to be completed online.

LCSW Continuing Education

Many states require LCSW continuing education that is approved by the APA, CA BBS or the NASW.  This means that all of your certificate of completions will have either Vista's APA, NASW or NBCC provider number printed on them for your state board information. GetCEUsNow offers social worker continuing education throughout the United States.

Social Workers Ethics CEU

Vista offers five social workers ethics ceus courses online. The course titles are Ethics in Social Work, Law and Ethics, Professional Law and Ethics, Law and Ethics 12 and Ethics in Supervision. For detailed information please visit our course list page.

NASW Provider

We are a licensed NASW provider of continuing education for social workers. Vista's courses are accepted by most states that require continuing education. The National Association of Social Workers has approved our courses for continuing education credit.


Vista Continuing Education’s courses encompass all areas of LCSW CEUs. Whether you are completing CEUs for your certification or maintaining your license our online continuing education courses provide the fastest, low cost, convenient way to fulfill your licensed clinical social worker CEUs requirements. Social Work CEUs Nasw Continuing EducationNASW CEULCSW CEUsSocial Work Continuing Education

CEUs for Social Workers

Many LCSWs are need ceus for social workers. We offer continuing education for social work online. Our courses are NASW approved for CEU credit. We offer low-cost, fast, user friendly courses.

1. Social Work Continuing Education


Spousal/Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection and Intervention




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