Domestic Violence Spousal Abuse

Domestic Violence - Spousal Abuse CEUs

Total Hours: 7

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Course topics for Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse CEUs include all of the following subjects.   
  1. Describe and clarify the different typologies of the abusing spouse.
  2. Identify potential countertransference issues when working with abuser.
  3. Describe psychodynamic intervention techniques used with perpetrators.
  4. Identify available community resources for victims and their families.
  5. Learn to identify cultural factors that may contribute to an abusive relationship.
  6. Describe the dynamics within an abusive same sex relationship.

Domestic Violence Spousal Abuse CEUs

Please see a list of complete approvals including the APA, BBS, NASW and NBCC at the provider approval link above.

Domestic Violence Spousal Abuse CEUs

The CEUs training course that takes you from the beginning of Domestic Violence to qualified professional that's one step closer to diagnoses and treatment with victims and perpetrators of violence.

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