Marriage and Family Therapist Continuing Education


State licensing board require MFT CEUs. Vista Continuing Education offers the needed marriage and family therapists continuing education credits to meet state and national standard. Our courses are approved for NBCC or national board for certified counselors, California BBS, the Florida Board of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Texas board of MFT CEUs for continuing education credit. Because of our NBCC continuing education provider approval most states accept our courses.

How do I take an MFT CEUs course?

To take an MFT CEUs course choose a course from the course list above. Click on the course link. Follow the screen to the payment page. After entering the payment information 3 files will appear under your account. The first is the course reading material, also included is a link to the course test and course evaluation. After completing the test and evaluation a certificate of completion will be available under your account.

After completing the MFT CEUs course purchase, click on My Account at the top of the page. Under My Account you will see My Files, which contain your reading and test materials. The reading and test material will open in new browser windows. Anytime you feel lost click on My account at the top of the page to be taken back to the course and test pages.

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What are MFT CEUs?

MFT CEUs are continuing education units for marriage and family therapists. Most states require licensed marriage and family therapists to complete continuing education as a stipulation to renew their licenses. Most states have two year renewal cycles. Other states have 3 year renewal cycles. Continuing education credits differs from university credit. CEUs or continuing education give credits based on hours studied. One hour of study equals one credit or 1 hour of ceus credit. University credit is issued based on semester credit. Vista Continuing Education offer continuing education credit.

MFT Continuing Education

First of all MFT Continuing Education therapists are highly trained. As a result MFT CEUs continuing education requirements vary from state board to state board. Also, the MFT CEUS continuing education provider will varies from state to state. It is important to know your state board requirements including CEU course requirements.

MFT CEUs Online Courses

Most of all MFT CEUs Online Courses are governed by state law and national ethics mandates. MFT continuing education courses are part of renewing mental health CEUs licensure in your state. Marriage and Family CEU course requirements vary from state to state. Please check with your MFT licensing board to verify needed CEU Courses. Vista Continuing Education provides mental health continuing education MFT CEUs courses online.

Marriage and Family Therapists Continuing Education Units

Most noteworthy Marriage and Family Therapists Continuing Education Units can be obtained online. Approved by the APA, NBCC, NASW and the BBS, Vista Continuing Education offers online CEUs. Licensure and Pre-licensure courses for MFT CEUs, Interns and Associates. Get started with a free step-by-step guide to MFT CEUs. We offer state, national and BBS or Board of Behavioral Sciences approved learning. Master important to know topics in Marriage and Family Counseling and Therapy CEUs. Easy to Use Website with online help. Marriage Family Therapist Continuing Education.

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APA Provider Approval, NBCC, NASW CEU, BBS California

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Mental Health Counselors and MFT CEUs

psychologists (MFT) are mental health counselors who treat and diagnose mental disorders related to psychotherapy and mental health. psychologists are governed by the laws within the state they are licensed to perform counseling services.

Counseling and marriage therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on relationships. MFTs work with family, couples, individuals and psychotherapy groups to treat a variety of mental health disorders. Most noteworthy is that MFT CEUs in California can taken 36 hours of continuing education online bi-annually.


MFT therapist are licensed by state boards. Clinicians are educated and trained in working with families and know when to refer those with needs more help and are out of the scope of practice for LMFTs.

MFTs are required to do continuing education training courses as a condition to renew their state licenses. Most states allow the MFT CEUs courses to be completed online. Each state required courses and method of continuing education delivery vary.

Therefore, it’s best to contact the board of marriage and family therapy directly to make sure of your state’s requirements.  Most states, but not all, require mental health professionals to take an ethics course every renewal period. Laws are constantly changing and it’s paramount for working MFTs professionals to stay on top of current laws.

How Do I receive MFT CEUs Online?

You can earn MFT CEUs online by registering for online courses. Many Marriage and Family Therapists start by taking our free Loss, Grief and Bereavement MFT CEUs course online. The first step would be to choose the free Loss course from our course list. After reading through the continuing education material you will be ready to take the online Quiz. When you are ready, simply create an online account, add the course to the shopping cart and complete the test with a passing score. You can then print your certificate of completion.

If you are an MFT who needs more than a few continuing ed courses, you would benefit most from our Course Package. For only $99 you will gain access to 36 credits of continuing education for MFT CEUs.

As the number 1 continuing education provider we have the classes for Mental Health Professionals need to renewal their licenses. Learn more at MFT CEUs.

What are MFT CEUs used for?

MFT CEUs or Continuing Education Units are used to fulfill requirements set forth by state licensing boards. Most professions including counselors, social workers, nurses and psychologists are required to complete continuing education courses that can be used to renew their state licenses. Most state licenses are renewed bi-annually.

We offers Continuing Education CE Hours for licensed and certified professionals. CE Hours are approved for:

Social Work CEUs: LCSW CEUs, ASW, MSW. MFT CEUs: pre-MFT CEUs, MFCC, LMFT, Nursing CEUs: RN CEUs, LVN CEUs, CNA, Psych Techs, OT, LPC CE Hours: LMHC, LPCC, Mental Health Counselor CE Hours, Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselor CEU, MFT CEUs.

CE Hours are approved by the following boards: CA BBS CEUs, Florida CEUs, Texas CEUs, CA BRN CEUs, APA, NBCC, NASW and many state boards. See our MFT State Board of MFT list.


Finally we offer an especially relevant state by state list of licensing boards including website addresses.

California Board of Behavioral Sciences for MFT CEUs
1625 North Market Blvd, Suite S-200 
Sacramento, CA 95834



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