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All MFT CEUs in California are highly trained. MFT CEUs continuing education requirements vary from state board to state board. We offer all of the courses needed to renew your license in California. We also offer courses for those applying for licensure in CA. It is important to know your state board requirements including CEU course requirements. We stay on top of all California MFT, Social Work, Counselor and Psychologists CEUs required continuing education. MFTs in California must take a 6 hour Law and Ethics course each renewal period.

MFT CEUs California

Get CEUs Now offers MFT CEUs in California. All of our psychologists continuing education courses can be found in the course list section of our website. The BBS accepts all of our online courses. We offer instant results and certificates of completion. You can take the online quiz as many times as needed and pay just once. To learn more about MFT CEUs California please email us or check our FAQ page.

CA MFT CEUs Online Courses

Most of all California psychologists CEUs are governed by state law and national ethics mandates. MFT continuing education courses are part of renewing mental health CEUs licensure in your state. Marriage and Family CEU course requirements in the state of California vary depending on licensure and pre-licensure status. Please check with your MFT licensing board to verify needed CEU Courses. Vista Continuing Education provides mental health continuing education MFT CEUs California courses online. An amendment to Section 1887 of Article 8, Division 18 of Title 16, of the California Code of Regulations allows 36 hours of required continuing education through interactive, electronic means.

MFT Online Continuing Education

Online psychologists Continuing Education in California must complete 36 hours of CEUs. We offer all of the BBS required courses including Law and Ethics, HIV, Domestic Violence, Aging and Long Term Care as well as all prelicensure courses. All of our MFT Online Continuing Education courses are accepted by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

California Ethics Training Continuing Education

Vista Continuing Education provides three California Ethics Training Continuing Education online courses. The titles include Law and Ethics for 6 hours, Law and Ethics 12, for twelve hours of credit and Professional Law and Ethics for 18 hours or units When taking the California Ethics training make sure the laws are written with up-to-date information that satisfies the BBs.


1.  Most noteworthy Online Continuing Education for California MFT CEU is our easy to use website.

2.  The California BBS requires that all continuing education providers are approved by a national agency to provide continuing education. Vista Continuing Education is approved by 3 of those agencies, the APA, NBCC and NASW.

3.  Licensure and Pre-licensure courses for MFT CEU, Interns and Associates.

4.  Get started with a free step-by-step guide to California MFT CEU. We offer state, national and BBS or Board of Behavioral Sciences approved learning. Master important to know topics in Marriage and Family Counseling and Therapy CEUs.

5.  Easy to Use Website with online help.

6.  Marriage Family Therapist Continuing Education.

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Bioterrorism APA Provider Approval, NBCC, NASW CEU, BBS California

Spousal/Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection and Intervention

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LMFT Continuing Education | Licensed Marriage Family Therapist CEUs

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California Law and Ethics CEU | MFT Ethics | LCSW Ethics

Cross Cultural Counseling CEUs social workers, lmft, counselors, psychologists

12-Hour California BBS Law and Ethics Course

Cross Cultural Counseling CEUs social workers, lmft, counselors, psychologists

Supervision Ceu, Supervision continuing education ceus, Social Workers, Mft, Counselors


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California MFT CEUs

The California psychologists (MFT) CEUs are mental health counselors who treat and diagnose mental disorders related to psychotherapy and mental health. psychologists are governed by the laws within the state they are licensed to perform counseling services. Aside from all MFTs needing a 6 hour Ethics course each renewal period, MFT candidates are required to take a 12 credit course to retake the licensing exam. This course is accepted by the California BBS. For those needing the 12 hour course please verify this information with the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Counseling and marriage therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on relationships. psychologists work with family, couples, individuals and psychotherapy groups to treat a variety of mental health disorders.

LMFT CEUs for California Mental Health Professionals

Every MFT in the state of California must take a 6 hours Law and Ethics course. MFT therapist are licensed by state boards. Clinicians are educated and trained in working with families and know when to refer those with needs more help and are out of the scope of practice for LMFTs.

psychologists are required to do continuing education training courses as a condition to renew their state licenses. Most states allow the MFT CEUs courses to be completed online. Each state required courses and method of continuing education delivery vary. MFT CEUs for California Marriage and Family Counselors. Continuing education online for LMFT. psychologists can get started with mental health CA MFT CEUs We offer state board, national and BBS approved learning. Learn important to know topics such as Ethics, Supervision, Domestic Violence, Human Sexuality and more.

Therefore, it’s best to contact the board of marriage and family therapy directly to make sure of your state’s requirements.  Most states, but not all, require mental health professionals to take an ethics course every renewal period. Laws are constantly changing and it’s paramount for working MFTs professionals to stay on top of current laws.

MFT CEUs California

Finally we offer an information regarding the BBS website address.

California Board of Behavioral Sciences for MFT CEUs
1625 North Market Blvd, Suite S-200 
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California Board of Psychology
California Board of Registered Nursing

State Board of MFTs

MFT CEUs California

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