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All California Psychologist, MFT, Social Workers and Counselors must complete a Suicide Assessment and Prevention Course for six hours of credit. CEUs continuing education requirements vary from state board to state board. We offer all of the courses needed to renew your license in California. We also offer courses for those applying for licensure in CA. It is important to know your state board requirements including CEU course requirements. We stay on top of all California MFT, Social Work, Counselor and Psychologists CEUs required continuing education. Psychologists in California must take a 6 hour suicide prevention course for licensure renewal.  Enter our promo code Suicide22 to receive a 15% course discount.

Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention Course

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Get CEUs Now offers CEUs in California. All of our psychologists continuing education courses can be found in the course list section of our website. The CA board of psychology and theBBS accepts all of our online courses. We offer instant results and certificates of completion. You can take the online quiz as many times as needed and pay just once. To learn more about Psychologist CEUs California please email us or check our FAQ page.

CA Suicide CEUs Online Course

Most of all California psychologists  social work and counselor CEUs are governed by state law and national ethics mandates. The newest state mandate being California suicide assessment and prevention CEUs. Continuing education courses are part of renewing mental health CEUs licensure in your state.CEU course requirements in the state of California vary depending on licensure and pre-licensure status. Please check with your licensing board to verify needed CEU Courses. Vista Continuing Education provides mental health continuing education CEUs California courses online.

Effective January 1, 2020, an applicant for licensure as a psychologist with the Board of Psychology (Board) shall show completion of a minimum of six (6) hours of coursework or applied experience in suicide assessment and intervention.

At the time of his or her first renewal after January 1, 2020, a licensee will be required to attest on the renewal form to meeting a one-time, six (6) hour suicide risk assessment and intervention coursework or applied experience requirement. For a licensee with an expired or inactive license, the six (6) hour requirement must be completed prior to renewing or reactivating his or her license.

Licensees and applicants can meet this requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Obtained as part of his or her qualifying graduate degree program.
    •  To satisfy this requirement, an applicant shall submit to the board a written certification from the registrar or training director of the educational institution or program from which the applicant graduated stating that the coursework required by this section is included within the institution's curriculum required for graduation at the time the applicant graduated, or within the coursework that was completed by the applicant.
      Upon request, a licensee may also be required to provide the same documentation.
  • Obtained as part of his or her applied experience. Applied experience can be met in any of the following settings: practicum, internship, or formal postdoctoral placement that meets the requirement of Section 2911, or other qualifying supervised professional experience.
    • To satisfy this requirement, an applicant/licensee shall submit to the board a written certification from the director of training for the program or primary supervisor where the qualifying experience has occurred stating that the training required by this section was included within the applied experience. Upon request, a licensee may also be required to provide the same documentation.
  • Obtained by taking any approved, structured, sequenced learning activity, whether conducted in-person or online. The continuing education (CE) course must be approved by organizations approved by the Board:
    • American Psychological Association (APA) (We are an approved continuing education provider of the APA)
    • California Psychological Association (CPA),
    • Continuing Medical Education courses that are specifically applicable and pertinent to the practice of psychology, and are accredited by the California Medical Association (CMA) or Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)
    • American Medical Association (AMA)
    • Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)
  • To satisfy this requirement, an applicant shall submit to the board a CE certificate of completion. 
    Upon request, a licensee may also be required to provide the same documentation.


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