Co-Occurring Disorders and Addiction CEUs


Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders

This co-occurring disorders course provides information about the field of substance abuse and mental health; the continuing education course describes what every clinician needs to know about substance abuse diagnosis, treatment and referrals; the knowledge in this course is grounded in theorical theory that believes substance abuse disorders are rooted in genetics. This course provides practical solutions and case studies to illustrate the growing problem of co-occurring disorder and the difficulty diagnosis such.

Co-occurring disorders and addiction course

CEU Course Description

1. Describe the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and referral system that individuals working with co­-occurring substance use disorders must follow.

2. Describe and define co-occurring substance disorders.

3. Differentiate between outpatient substance abuse treatment programs and residential treatment programs.

4. Define dual diagnosis as it pertains to substance abuse.

5. Outline strategies for assessing the substance abusers immediate welfare and remedies for future referrals.

Co-Occurring Continuing Education

CEUs requirements vary from state to state.  Co-Occurring Disorders and Addiction is a state requirement for those seeking licensure in California. The number of CEU units allowed to be obtained from an online source varies from state to state.  It is important to know your state board requirements and how many CE units are allowed to be obtained from online CE providers like Vista Continuing Education.

We offer the California Law and Ethics course for 12 credits. This course is accepted to meet the state Law and Ethics requirement of the BBS or California Board of Behavioral Sciences for licensure and pre-licensure.We offer three low-cost Ethics credits and many other online courses. California Law and Ethics Course twelve credits

Addiction CEU

We are licensed by the National Board of Certified Counselors (Provider # 6154) and the National Association of Social Workers (Provider #886422049) and by most states that require continuing education. All of our courses are approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, California BBS addiction Course. 15 Hour California Co-occurring addiction to meet the BBS requirement.

15 Hour Co-Occurring Addiction in California

Many states accept either the APA, CA BBS approved status or the NASW approved status that maintains.  This means that all of your certificate of completions will have either Vista's APA, NASW or NBCC provider number printed on them for your state board information. GetCEUsNow offers social worker continuing education, marriage family therapist, clinical counselor and psychologists CE throughout the United States.

We offer a BBS state approved fifteen credit California cooccurring CEUs course. This Ethics course is designed to meet the Board of Behavioral Sciences licensure requirement. Learn to master the practice of substance abuse while maximizing your potential with a California substance abuse requirement.

California Co-occurring Disorders CEUs Continuing Education for 15 Credits

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APA Provider Approval, NBCC, NASW CEU, BBS California

Spousal/Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection and Intervention

12 Hour California Law and Ethics

California Law and Ethics Course twelve credits

The board of behavioral sciences in California requires applicants to complete a 15 hour (credit) continuing education CEUs course to optain licensure. The state of California asks that professional counselors and social workers meet this requirement by taking an online CEUs course to understand the current requirements of the state licensing board.

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Co-occurring Disorders and Addiction CEU

This continuing education training course will takes you from the beginning to Substance abuse assessor in one easy step.

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