Ethics in Supervision - Vignettes (3CE)

Ethics in Supervision - Vignettes

Total Hours: 3

No Book to Buy - Online Text

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Course delivery method and format: self-paced online training.

Course Requirements:

1. Course Reading,

2. Online PostTest

3. Course Evaluation.

After successfully completing the Course Reading, PostTest and Evaluation a certificate of completion will be issued online.

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Description: : This online continuing education course offers mental health professionals an in-depth exploration of ethical considerations in supervision through the analysis of case vignettes. Participants will examine various ethical dilemmas commonly encountered in supervision settings and develop strategies for navigating complex situations while upholding professional standards.


  1. Analyze ethical principles and standards relevant to supervision in mental health practice.
  2. Evaluate ethical dilemmas presented in supervision case vignettes.
  3. Apply ethical decision-making models to resolve complex supervision issues.