Substance Use Disorder (15 CE)

15 Hours

No Book Needed, Online Text

Unlimited Test Retakes

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Course delivery method and format: self-paced online training.

Course Requirements:

1. Course Reading,

2. Online PostTest

3. Course Evaluation.

After successfully completing the Course Reading, PostTest and Evaluation a certificate of completion will be issued online.

Intermediate level course

Course Description: The compulsion to use drugs can take over the individual's life. Addiction often involves not only compulsive drug taking but also a wide range of dysfunctional behaviors that can interfere with normal functioning in the family, the workplace, and the broader community.No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals. Matching treatment settings, interventions, and services to each individual's particular problems and needs is critical to his or her ultimate success in returning to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and society. This course will review effective treatment methods and referral sources.

Course Topics:
      Alcohol Problems and Your Practice
      Screening and Problem Assessment 
      Brief Interventions: Initial Decision-Making 
      Elements of Brief Interventions: When the Drinker Is Present 
      Longer-Term Approaches to Alcohol Problems 


The clinician will modify the treatment plan according to the needs of the patient.

The clinician will be able to discriminate treatment components used in the course of treatment.

The clinician will understand the underlying structure of treatment, resources and vocational rehabilitation.

The clinician will choose the appropriate intervention based on age, gender, ethnicity and culture.

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse CEUs for BBS