Autism Spectrum Disorder (4CE)

Total Hours: 4

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Course delivery method and format: self-paced online training.

Course Requirements:

1. Course Reading,

2. Online PostTest

3. Course Evaluation.

After successfully completing the Course Reading, PostTest and Evaluation a certificate of completion will be issued online.

Course Objectives

1.     Understand the core characteristics and diagnostic criteria of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2.     Explore the prevalence and demographic trends of ASD across different populations.

3.     Examine the neurological and genetic factors associated with ASD.

4.     Identify common co-occurring conditions and challenges often observed in individuals with ASD.

5.     Evaluate evidence-based interventions and treatment approaches for individuals on the autism spectrum.

6.     Discuss strategies for promoting communication and social skills development in individuals with ASD.

7.     Examine the role of sensory processing issues and sensory interventions in supporting individuals with ASD.

Intermediate level course

Course Description: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that affects individuals in various ways. This continuing education course provides a comprehensive understanding of ASD, covering its core characteristics, diagnosis, prevalence, treatment approaches, and support strategies. Participants will explore the latest research findings, evidence-based interventions, and practical techniques for effectively working with individuals on the autism spectrum. Through a blend of case studies, and discussions, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support individuals with ASD in diverse settings.