Anger (2CE)


Total Hours: 2

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Course delivery method and format: self-paced online training.

Course Requirements:

1. Course Reading,

2. Online PostTest

3. Course Evaluation.

After successfully completing the Course Reading, PostTest and Evaluation a certificate of completion will be issued online.

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Objectives:

    1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, physiological, and social aspects of anger.
    2. Explore the various theories and models of anger to inform assessment and intervention strategies.
    3. Learn evidence-based techniques for assessing anger, including self-report measures, behavioral observations, and psychophysiological assessments.
    4. Develop skills in identifying underlying triggers and maintaining factors contributing to anger dysregulation.

Course Description:  Anger is a complex emotion that can have significant impacts on individuals and their relationships. This online continuing education course is designed for mental health professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of anger and enhance their skills in working with clients who struggle with anger management issues. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical strategies, case studies, and interactive exercises, participants will gain valuable insights into the nature of anger and learn evidence-based techniques for effectively assessing and addressing anger-related concerns in clinical practice.