Medical Errors - FL Psychologists (2CE)

Florida Medical Errors Course for Psychologists

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No Books to Buy - Text Based Course

2 Credits

Unlimited Test Retakes

1.  Identify how and when to refer patients for further evaluation and or medication.
2.  Recognize and  identify the symptoms and sources of burn-out and countertransference and how to handle them properly.
3.  Know and understand the meaning of laws pertaining to the welfare of your patients as well as the rights of patients.
4.  Identify and apply the mandatory reporting laws.
5.  Know different methods which are used to assess for suicide and understand their limitations.
6.  Understand the importance of proper record-keeping particularly regarding how HIPAA applies to you.
7.  How to evaluate the best methods to provide yourself and your patient with a safe environment while working with dangerous patients.

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