Human Trafficking (2CE)

Human Trafficking 

2 Hours

Text Based Course - No Books Needed

Unlimited Text Retakes

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Course delivery method and format: self-paced online training.

Course Requirements:

1. Course Reading,

2. Online PostTest

3. Course Evaluation.

After successfully completing the Course Reading, PostTest and Evaluation a certificate of completion will be issued online.

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Description: 

This online continuing education course aims to equip mental health professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, identify, and respond to human trafficking. Human trafficking is a complex and pervasive form of exploitation that affects millions of individuals worldwide. Mental health professionals play a crucial role in recognizing the signs of trafficking, providing support to survivors, and contributing to efforts to combat this global issue. Through this course, participants will gain insights into the various forms of human trafficking, the psychological impact on survivors, ethical considerations, and interventions for effective support and advocacy.

Course Objectives:

  1. Define human trafficking and differentiate between its various forms, including sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and organ trafficking.
  2. Identify common risk factors and indicators of human trafficking in diverse populations and settings.
  3. Understand the psychological and emotional impact of trafficking on survivors, including trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and complex trauma.
  4. Explore ethical considerations and professional responsibilities when working with survivors of human trafficking, including confidentiality, informed consent, and cultural sensitivity.