Psychopharmacology in Mental Health

Psychopharmacology for the Mental Health Professional

When to refer a patient for a medication evaluation?

It's important to know when to refer a patient to a psychiatrist or medical doctor. It's important for clinicians to have an understanding of medication for psychiatric disorders. Therapists should understand the mental and physical effects of the medications their patients are using.  Link to Course Description and Course Material. Psychopharmacology CEUs

How to choose the right psychopharmacologist?

Additionally, it is important that they have the ability to help people feel comfortable as well as concerned about them. Someone may be an excellent psychopharmacologist yet, if the patient does not feel comfortable talking with them, their expertise is useless. For many years my partners and I used a psychiatrist who we ironically found through different sources we trusted. Although he was not in the local area, I sent patients to him who had tried several medications without good results, those who tended to have bad side effects to other medications they had taken, and patients who were difficult to diagnose as having a specific problem but instead presented with a cluster of emotional and mental problems. While he was excellent in assessment, diagnosis, and prescribing mediations as well as being readily available if there were untoward side-effects, he struck several of my patients  as being depressed himself, or somewhat disinterested after the first consultation. Although I would not usually do this, I had come to know him fairly well so I broached the idea that we get together to discuss a particular patient. During this discussion, as I had planned, I discussed my concerns about some of my patients’ feelings about their perception of his attitude toward them. I also observed that he had mannerisms that would be taken to imply that he was not focused on the task at hand. I brought these issues up as well even though I felt awkward about doing so. I assured him that I considered him an unusually fine psychopharmacologist and more thoroughly related the changes I had seen in them since they were using medication. To further understand the ramifications of medication we have posted a course related to psychopharmacology.


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John Clark 555 days ago

This is a much needed course for California licensure. Thank you for posting the required pharmacology course.

Joe Hernandez 513 days ago

I took this course to fulfill my LCSW continuing education requirement. I actually learned a lot about psychopharmacology by completing this class.