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Aging And Long Term Care

1.   Among older adults, what is the leading cause of injuries and hospital admissions?
A) falls
B) car accidents
C) depressive episodes
2.  The average life expectancy in the United States today is?
A) close to 60
B) close to 65
C) close to 77
D) close to 90
3.  Common symptoms of Alzheimers disease include what?
A) psychosis
B) agitation
C) wandering
D) All of the Above
4.  Pharmacodynamics refers to what?
A) to a drug’s effect on its target organ
B) to the dynamic relationship between a pharmacist and patient
C) to the interaction between medications
5.  A geriatric psychiatrist is a medical doctor with special training in what?
A) the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in the elderly
B) family medicine
C) a doctor that mediates estate plans
6.  Ageism is reflected in what?
A) employment discrimination
B) patronizing attitudes
C) negative media images
D) All of the Above
7.  If a patient is having trouble bathing, managing finances, or driving, what should be done first?
A) talk with a pastor
B) consult with a doctor
C) nothing at all
8.  What percentage of Long Term Care is received in a home-like setting?
A) 15%
B) 30%
C) 50%
D) 80%
9.  Elderly adults often are reluctant to accept help from loved ones because?
A) they feel threatened
B) they fear losing their independence
C) they feel misunderstood
10.  Long-term care ombudsmen are advocates for
A) families of the elderly
B) residents of assisted living facilities
C) elderly with alcohol addiction
11.  Failure of a mandated reporter to report elder abuse is what?
A) a misdemeanor
B) a felony
C) non-punishable
12.  Research has shown that caregivers of the elderly often are at increased risk for?
A) depression
B) illness
C) both of the above