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1.  Which of the following are considered Category A weapons of mass destruction?
A) Anthrax
B) Botulinum Toxin
C) Plague
D) All of the Above
2.  "Category C" weapons are fairly easy to obtain, produce and disseminate and can produce high rates of disease and mortality.
A) True
B) False
3.  Which of the following are indicators of a possible chemical incident?
A) numerous dead insects and animals in the area
B) mass human casualties soon after an attack
C) numerous surfaces having oily droplets or film
D) All of the Above
4.  Biological weapons often take weeks or months to take their toll.
A) True
B) False
5.  What type of injury or symptom might be caused by an "E-Bomb"?
A) burns
B) psychosis
C) weight loss
6.  Toxic weapons are made from readily available material used in various industrial operations.
A) True
B) False
7.  Nuclear patients requiring immediate lifesaving surgery fall into which of the following treatment categories?
A) (T1) Immediate Treatment Group
B) (T2) Delayed Treatment Group
C) (T3) Minimal Treatment Group
D) (T4) Expectant Treatment Group
8.  What type of (bio)agent causes Smallpox?
A) Variola Major
B) Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
C) Alphaviruses
D) Hantaviruses
9.  Which risk category does Yellow Fever fall into?
A) Category A
B) Category B
C) Category C
10.  Category A agents are assigned the highest risk because of what factors?
A) they are easy to transmit
B) they have the capacity to inflict substantial morbidity
C) the can create widespread panic and social disrupt
D) All of the Above
11.  Which form of Anthrax exposure is of the greatest concern?
A) inhalational
B) cutaneous
C) gastrointestinal
12.  Which form of Plague is the most feared as a possible weaponize agent?
A) bubonic
B) septic
C) primary pneumonic